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Winter is coming

11/9/2021 (Permalink)

Winter is in deed coming. Finally a break from the blistering hot heat here in Southern California. The one thing that comes with the cooler weather, is rain and wind. Wind can cause roof tiles to be blown away, moved around, and can also cause them to break. When that happens, and there is nothing done about it, water has an opportunity to enter your home or business if it starts raining. The rain is beautiful, and reminds us that we need rain and water to survive. We also need to know how to keep our homes and businesses safe during these times. The best way to keep up with your home maintenance, and keep a watchful eye on the weather. If water does enter your home, do something quick about it so that mold does not start growing. 

Rainy season

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

In Southern California we don't get many storms, if at all much rainfall unfortunately. When we do many people aren't ready for it because they don't exactly expect it. SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights knows this, and we try to remind everyone to take care of any broken tiles on their roofs before any rain starts to fall, or wind starts to blow broken roof tiles away. There's nothing worse than to sit at home knowing you could have done something about this before it got worse but made no action. The amount of water that can make its way into your home can be disastrous, and it can not only affect your home but get to the contents in your home.  

Leaky pipes?

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

If you have a slow leaking pipe, don't look at it as if its not a problem because water isn't gushing into your home. Slow leaks tend to be the worst because we end up leaving them be because we don't see much damage happening. The truth is that slow leaks are worse at times because you don't know how long the leak has been going on for. Thus not knowing if you may have some mold growth inside your walls or ceilings. Mold growth on drywall is a bad thing for drywall or even plaster. It can negatively affect our health without you even knowing. A musty odor can go about your home or business and can spread. So call SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights today so we can make it "Like it never even happened."

Flooded kitchen

11/4/2021 (Permalink)

I can recall a job where a customer knew they had a slow leak in their kitchen and did nothing about it. I think the kitchen and bedrooms are one of the most important spots in your home to take care of if you have a water intrusion. The reason to that is that you sleep in your bedroom, that area should be clean of contaminants so you get a good nights rest and wake up healthy and ready for the day. The kitchen I find to be one of the most important places in your home to keep an eye on because you cook there, you eat there. You wouldn't want to eat at a restaurant with mold growth in their kitchen, and neither do you in your home. After talking to the customer and informing them on how dangerous it can be, they wizened up and got the leak taken care of and now thank me for informing them on the dangers of not taking care of the issue.  

My house is on fire, what do I do?

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

If your house is on fire, first things first. Call 911 and get the fire department to come by and get the fire contained. If you have a fire extinguisher and its a small fire that you can put out without putting yourself in any kind of danger, go ahead and try to contain it. We do suggest you have the fire department take care of it but people have stopped a fire from spreading by taking action quickly. After the fire department arrives and puts out the fire. SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio heights will come in and dry up the wet areas in your home that the fire department or fire sprinklers created by extinguishing the fire. We also take care of any drywall, carpet, ceilings that may have been affected by the fire or water at that point.

Storms may be on the way

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

As Southern California starts to cool down after another very hot summer, we start to see signs of rain and snow. For a lot of us its a relief from the hot weather that causes many wildlife fires which also affect our homes and businesses. For a lot of us that may live in the mountains, or higher elevation. Now we must worry about water, and snow possibly entering our homes or place of business. Being prepared, checking your roof tiles, having sand bags ready, all very important steps to take to prevent any water intrusion from storms. With the wind picking up, roof tiles are one of the biggest issues people here in Southern California have. With the wind being strong, it can lift your roof tiles and blow them away, or the wind can pick up your roof tiles from underneath and as it comes down it can crack and cause water to come into your home from above. 

The importance of having enough employees

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

I think when it comes to commercial jobs, and I'm talking big losses. Its very important to have enough employees to be able to take care of a big loss in a timely manner. Too many times do we see a restoration company at a hotel that had a water damage due to fire sprinklers going off and the restoration company is just not ready to handle that size of a loss. In our opinion, if you're not ready with enough employees, it means to us that your not ready to handle and properly restore this size loss. Of course its not just how many employees you have but how many experienced, quick and efficient employees you can have on the same job that day. Call SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights where we can handle any size disaster.  

Getting you back in business ASAP

11/1/2021 (Permalink)

Our main goal when it comes to commercial losses is that we get your company and business back in operation as soon as we possibly can. Meaning, no time is wasted, employees are ready for any size disaster, and getting the job done correctly, efficiently and quickly are our top priorities. Customer satisfaction is also very important to our company. Our goal is to earn your trust, and never let you down. We put a lot of time into making this the company you trust and love, and we know you may be doing the same for your customers. One thing we have in common is the passion to help and provide services whenever the customer needs them. We at SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights are ready for any size disaster. 

Fire season's gone

10/20/2021 (Permalink)

Fire season in Southern California is finally gone, and hopefully now we get enough rain to restore mother earth. As fires start to dwindle down, water damage may start to rise. The seasons come and go, but SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights remains. Many people have put off repairing or restoring their homes from previous fire damages, this is not the time to put it off till next week. Fixing any pre existing damages such as fire or soot before rain starts coming down and possibly affecting your home and or business is key. Having water and fire damage to your home can cause property value to go down and can cause deuteriation to your structure. Call SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights today to fix your fire damage. 

When the weather starts cooling down

10/14/2021 (Permalink)

Summer is finally coming to an end, and with that not only comes cooler weather, but also problematic weather. The summer in Southern California is a bit crazy. What I mean by that is that it gets really hot, and with that hot weather comes fires. So many fires that it threatens our ecosystem and our wildlife. A new threat comes into play during the fall and winter times. Storms are a big part in natural disasters that affect us humans and the way we live and operate business. Our homes and office buildings flood, get affected by wind, and in some places tornadoes. Luckily in Southern California we don't have to worry about tornadoes, but we do get some strong winds and rains from time to time. So if you find yourself in a position where you need SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights for our storm services, don't hesitate because the longer you wait, the worse it can be.