Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire in Rancho Cucamonga, CA

This fire in Rancho Cucamonga, CA was due to a lamp catching on fire in a home bedroom. The occupants were unaware of the fire until they felt the heat radiating throughout the home, they immediately called the fire department to put out the fire and used their personal home fire extinguisher to stop the flames from spreading. Luckily the home owners and the local fire department were able to put the fire out right in time before the fire spread to the rest of the home. Although only one bedroom caught flames, the rest of the home was affected with soot, ash, and black walls. The air ducts/HVAC had to be cleaned out along with all the items in the home, walls and ceilings. There was a lot to this loss, yet SERVPRO of Upland/San Antonio Heights were able to bring these devastated home owners lives back on track. Those stories mean the most to us, when no one individual was hurt, and that we can bring a smile back on the faces of our customers.

Fire in Ontario, CA

This damage in Ontario, CA was due to an electrical fire. As you can see it damaged the entire garage, what you don't see is that it also affected the entire home. The smoke went through all the ducts in the house and affected every room. Unfortunately the customer lost a lot of their personal items, but at least we were able to restore the structural damage and make that "Like it never even happened."

Fire in Upland, CA

This is a photo of one of our employees in full PPE cleaning up a fire in a home in Upland, Ca. The fire started in the kitchen and spread upstairs to the attic and throughout the entire home. This was almost a complete total loss but when SERVPRO of Upland arrived we brought the house back to living conditions. The customer and the insurance company were both very pleased with our work and we were glad to help.

Home Fire in Rancho Cucamonga

This was a fire caused by a stove. The homeowner was cooking, stepped out of the house for a little too long and came back to this. The damage in this home was not too bad compared to what SERVPRO of Upland have seen.

Fire in entire home in Upland, CA

This home looked like a scene from a horror film. The entire home was burned down due to faulty electrical wires. Luckily the home owner was a fire fighter and was able to rescue his family, but unfortunately was not able to rescue his dog. It was very tragic but at least his wife and baby made it out safe with minor burns. The family was just happy to be alive, and we made sure that the million dollar home they invested in wa not a complete loss.  

Fire in entire home in Upland, CA

This is a photo of one of our SERVPRO Professionals in full PPE cleaning up the remains of a fire in Upland, CA. We hold a strict standard for protection of our employees and staff, when we enter a home totally destroyed by a fire, you better believe we are all protected. This took a couple weeks to get the home back to normal, it certainly was not an easy task, but nothing SERVPRO of Upland can't handle.